Year: 2020

CAP Today Marketplace Section

The Dri•Bank® system appears in February 2020 edition of CAP Today's Marketplace Section, along with an excellent center page photo. Found here: on page 72.Founded in 1946, the College of American Pathologists, or CAP, is the world's largest association composed exclusively of pathologists certified by the American Board of Pathology [1]. With such huge readership, we are very excited to be included in their Marketplace Sectio...

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Leading Journals

The Dri•Bank® system continues to appear in leading Industry and Scientific Journals over the past couple of years as a innovative, disruptive technology. Specifically, the Dri•Bank is designed dry-preserve laboratory samples including DNA, RNA< and proteins at room temperature up to several months--as evidenced in peer-reviewed scientific journals.See the Dri•Bank highlighted in the prestigious Science Magazine's New Product Section from Feb 2018 here: https://science....

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Dri•Bank Labs is supporter of Dr. Carl Yeoman’s innovative microbiology research

Minneapolis, MN - January 23, 2020Dri•Bank Labs is proud to be a supporter of Dr. Carl Yeoman’s innovative microbiology research and lab at Montana State University, including his research work with American Indian Alaska Native Clinical & Translational Research Program.DriBank Labs have committed Dri•Bank’s and supplies to help Dr. Yeoman find innovative ways to collect and preserve samples from the field and in resource-limited areas.More information about Dr.

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