Minneapolis, MN – January 23, 2020

Dri•Bank Labs is proud to be a supporter of Dr. Carl Yeoman’s innovative microbiology research and lab at Montana State University, including his research work with American Indian Alaska Native Clinical & Translational Research Program.

DriBank Labs have committed Dri•Bank’s and supplies to help Dr. Yeoman find innovative ways to collect and preserve samples from the field and in resource-limited areas.

More information about Dr. Yeoman’s work can be found on his web site: https://yeomanlab.com/

DriBank Labs develops and manufactures the patented Dri•Bank® system, an easy-to-use room temperature preservation, storage and shipping innovation for biological samples that is economical and eco-friendly. The system does not rely upon electrical power, coatings, chemical fixatives, or adsorption onto matrices to work. The Dri•Bank is an award-winning, disruptive technology that can be used in a variety of settings from routine laboratory work in-house to use in the field.


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