The Dri•Bank® System is a novel storage solution that offers non-fixative and non-cryogenic preservation, storage, and maintenance of biological samples anywhere at room temperature

The Dri•Bank® utilizes the concept of anhydrobiosis, or “life without water” to stabilize and preserve biological samples. Studies have demonstrated that rapid removal of water from biological samples can prevent degradation of numerous bio-molecules, including RNA while maintaining cellular morphology.1,2,3,4  The Dri•Bank’s proprietary method swiftly desiccates samples for preservation .  With the Dri•Bank® System, unfixed tissue sections on microscope slides, biopsy specimens, and purified bio-molecules can be reliably preserved at room temperature.

Key Dri•Bank Benefits:

  • Lowers operating costs compared to traditional methods – Stores samples at room temperature eliminating the dependency of Ultra-Low Temperature (ULT) freezers that demand a constant, dedicated electricity source
  • Reduces risk of sample loss or damage during storage – samples stored are not affected by freezer failures
  • Eliminates toxic chemical fixatives – samples do not require chemical fixatives to preserve them.  No need to dispose of those toxic substances prior to analysis
  • Reduce shipping and handling costs – ambient temperature storage eliminates the need for dry ice. No more ordering, coordinating, and paying for dry ice.

The Dri•Bank® System – Preservation, storage, and shipment of biological samples anywhere.

Can reduce 25%
of the samples stored



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