Customers and evaluators continue to experience time savings, cost savings, process improvement and environmental benefits when using the Dri•Bank® system. Here are some of their comments.

Storage at Room Temperature​

“Accurate and meaningful next-gen sequencing data begin with optimal sample collection and preservation. The composition of fecal samples in particular begins to change soon after evacuation due to proliferation of aerotolerant organisms and enzymatic degradation of DNA from anaerobic organisms. The DriBank system worked great to preserve fecal samples at room temperature and the final bacterial profiles matched perfectly with frozen samples. For researchers collecting field samples, the DriBank system offers an innovative and effective solution to ice-filled coolers.”

Aaron Ericsson, DVM, PhD

Director, University of Missouri Metagenomics Center

“Great product, works really well.”

Dr. James Collins, Professor

University of Minnesota Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratories

“Surprised! Keeping RNA at room temperature seems ridiculous. However, our qRT-PCR results from replicate samples dried and stored at room temperature within the Dri•Bank® container were identical to frozen controls after two months.”

Daniel Purcell, PhD.

Molecular Biologist

“Analysis of our blood serum samples dried and kept at ambient (room) temperature with the Dri•Bank® container for two weeks were identical to frozen (-80) control samples.”

Dr. Kimberly Luke

Director. Intuitive Bioscience.


"So far, we have been very pleased with the DriBank system. We have used it for shipping of viral RNA samples from Israel (to Chicago), and from there for preparation of shotgun RNA-seq (metatranscriptome) sequencing. The libraries generated from the RNA were excellent, and we were able to detect viral RNA within a much larger pool of host RNA. We plan to use DriBank for future nucleic acid projects to avoid the hassle of dry ice and potential spillage of samples during shipment."

Dr. Stefan Green

Director of DNA Services at University of Illinois - Chicago

“A practical and cost-effective shipping solution for biological samples; no dry ice required."

Dr. Kimberly Luke

Director. Intuitive Bioscience.